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::: Downstairs Video :::

Open Daily ~
Sunday - Thursday: Noon to 8pm
Friday & Saturday: Noon to 9pm


7 East State St. behind Coffee Corner.
Come and see the new space!


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Downstairs Video offers an unusually large selection of independent movies, quality children's films, and diverse foreign film titles. We also have a large selection of documentaries, which are always in demand with our patrons.

Don't forget to browse our Classics Archive, Bargain Rentals, and "The Stacks" to find many excellent titles at discount prices. We just don't have the room to shelve them all!

What is the Rental Price?

Non-Member Renters

$4.00 for two nights for new releases
$3.00 for four nights for non-new releases


$3.00 for two night for new releases
$2.00 for four nights for non-new releases

Membership saves you money!

Not only does annual membership help support the theater, but it saves you $1.00 on each rental, as well as $1.00 on each film you attend at the Savoy. If you think you rent more than 30 films a year, you might consider becoming a member.

Discounted Tapes

Many wonderful titles are available for the discounted rate of $1 for four nights in the Bargain/Archive/Stacks sections.

Late Fees

New releases are $2.50 for each night late. Non-new releases are $1.00 for each night late.

Tuesday Special

Two movies for the price of one
[only 1 new release]

Ordering Tapes

We are not able to compete with online distributors, either in cost or in delivery time. You are welcome to ask us to try to obtain tapes for you, but we encourage you to simply purchase them via amazon.com or one of its competitors - you will save time and money!