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DVD Archive Page for Members

The Savoy Theater (Members Only) Film Archive

The Archive

Even before we closed Downstairs Video, we decided that we would keep a collection of films that were either Classic or Hard-to-Find titles for our membership to utilize free-of-charge. The result is an eclectic collection (1,122 titles) that should delight. In many cases, you will not find these titles on Netflix.

The Rules

Accessing and using the archive is simple. Because the archive is a free service to our members and run by a volunteer (thank you Lawreen!), there will be limited times to pick-up DVDs and some ground rules for its use, recounted below:

You must be an active member of the Savoy Theater to use the archive (family members may NOT use your membership unless they are also members) You are limited to taking out three titles per week. For your convenience, there will be two days available for picking up DVDs, Monday and Friday, between 4 & 6pm (Savoy office, 26 main St., second floor). This does not mean you can pick up three on Monday and then three again on Friday. The archive is small so we hope to keep availability maximized for everyone.

DVDs must be returned on time. We will not be charging late-fees, however, if you are late in returning DVDs three times you will lose your privilege to use the archive for the remainder of that year’s membership period. We are happy to discuss any special needs you may have in returning films on time. DVDs must be returned in the condition they were lent out. We will be checking each DVD before it is lent out for defects at the time you pick up the disc. They will be checked for defects upon their return. If a DVD is returned unplayable (cracked or scratched beyond repair) you will be responsible for it’s replacement.

How to use it

To get started, click on the link to our Archive: http://cloud.collectorz.com/savoydvdarchive/movies I have made a video tutorial that explains the numerous ways you can peruse the collection (one excellent way is to choose the genre sidebar to peruse by genre, also clicking on the title of any film will reveal all the info for the film!). The tutorial is available to watch by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Once you have decided which titles you would like to borrow, please send an email listing of your selections to archive@savoytheater.com . You will receive an auto-reply that we have received your request. In the event that someone else has already received that title or reserved ahead of you, you will be placed on a waiting list for that title. HINT: A good strategy is to list some alternative titles in the email (under the heading Alternative), just in case your selection(s) is unavailable. Please return the titles before their due date (due before the lending hours begin on the pick-up days). There will be a box just outside the office door (26 main St., second floor) for returning and is available 24/7.


Undoubtedly there will some questions regarding how to use the archive. As we iron out the kinks in getting this system working smoothly, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Again, use the archive@savoytheater.com to email us. We respectfully ask that you not call the office for questions regarding the archive but rather use the email link to ask questions.

Thank you so much for being a supporter of the Savoy Theater!