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Meet the Patels

6:30 & 8:30 each evening*
1:30 & 4:00 matinees Sat, Sun & Mon
*6:30 only ~ Tuesday, Oct. 13

Rated PG; 88 minutes


Tom Long, Detroit News (excerpted)

Beneath its warm coating of humor and familial love, there’s some serious business going on in the documentary Meet the Patels. It’s a delight of a film, but it also examines problems of assimilation, culture clash, modern romance and the value (or prison) of tradition. Which is quite a bit of stuff for a movie that’s just plain fun to watch.

Meet Ravi Patel, an actor who’s just about to turn 30 and who, to the dismay of his traditional Indian parents, is not yet married. He’s just broken up with the only girlfriend he’s ever had, Audrey — a white girl his parents don’t even know was ever in the picture — mostly because he always envisioned himself settling down with an Indian-American like himself.

Wanting to please his parents, and after being badgered nonstop about needing to be married on a trip to India, Ravi agrees to let them help arrange a marriage for him, or at least help him scout out some possible matches. At the same time Ravi and his older, also-unmarried sister, Geeta, a documentary filmmaker, decide to turn the process into a movie.

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Senior Members.......$7.50
Children ~ Under 12......$7.50
Matinees (all seats)......$7.50
VISA M/C Accepted
Checks payable to: “Savoy Theater”

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Mississippi Grind

6:00 & 8:15 each evening
1:00 & 3:30 matinees Sat, Sun & Mon

Rated R; 108 minutes


Peter Travers, Rolling Stone (excerpted)

Gambling tales are a hard sell. But this one is on a lucky streak. Writer-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck take their cue from Robert Altman's iconic California Split and let the action flow loose and lively to define character. The movie needed great performances, and it gets them from Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn.

Reynolds has never been better than he is as Curtis, a slick pro who gets latched onto in Iowa by sad sack Gerry (Mendelsohn in a four-aces performance that nails every nuance). Gerry's addiction has cost him a wife and a daughter. He thinks Curtis will change his fortune on a gambling tour ending in a high-roller poker game in New Orleans.

That's it. Two guys on the road, grimy bars flavored by blues and honky-tonk, looking for a connection that's not in the cards. To celebrate a win, Curtis treats Gerry to a Woodford, a top-shelf bourbon. Mississippi Grind is Woodford all the way.

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